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Huang Jian


Jian Huang:  Ph. DAssociate Professor

Tel: +86-10-82801539


Address: Department of Chemical Biology School of Pharmaceutical SciencesPeking University, Beijing 100191, China


l  Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Peking University, July 2005. Research emphasized the role of biomineralization (especially pathological process of osteoporosis).

l  MS in Bioinorganic Chemistry, Lanzhou University, July 1998. Research emphasized the inorganic synthesis, compound isolation and characterization.

l  BS in Analytical Chemistry, Lanzhou University, July 1995.

Professional Background

l  2009~ present, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Biology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University

l  2005~ present, Lecture, Department of Chemical Biology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University

l  1998~ 2002, Lecture, Department of Chemical Biology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University


Inorganic ChemistryChemical Biology II-Advanced Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interest

l  Comparative study of calcium phosphate microparticles formation from biological medium with artificial synthetic nanohydroxyapatite and their in vitro effects on osteogenic differentiation

l  Effects of lanthanides or flavonoids on the pathological process of osteoporosis.

l  Mimic of biomineralization process

Representative Publications 

1.       Jian huang, Xi. Wang, Tian-lan Zhang, Kui Wang. Alterations of ovariectomized rat bone and impact of non-collagenous proteins on mineralization. Joint Bone Spine, 2009, 76(2):176-183  

2.       Shi Yanling, Wang Liwen, Huang Jian, Gou Baodi, Zhang Tianlan, Wang Kui. Lanthanum Suppresses Osteoblastic Differentiation Via Pertussis Toxin-Sensitive G Protein Signaling in Rat Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2009, 108: 1184-1191

3.       Wang Chen-Guang, Liao Jia-Wang, Gou Bao-Di, Huang Jian, Tang Rui-Kang, Tao Jin-Hui,  Zhang Tian-Lan, Wang Kui. Crystallization at Multiple Sites inside Particles of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate. Crystal Growth Design, 2009, 9: 2620–2626.

4.       Xi Wang, Jian Huang*, Tianlan Zhang , Kui Wang. Cytoskeleton reorganization and FAK phosphorylation are involved in lanthanum (III)-promoted proliferation and differentiation in rat osteoblasts. Progress in Nature Science 2009,19: 331-335  

5.       Xi Wang, Lan Yuan, Jian Huang*, Tian-Lan Zhang*, Kui Wang. Lanthanum Enhances in vitro Osteoblast Differentiation via Pertussis Toxin-sensitive Gi Protein and ERK Signaling Pathway. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 2008, 105: 1307-1315  

6.       Jian huang, Lan Yuan, Xi. Wang, Tian-lan Zhang, Kui Wang. Icarin and its glycosides enhance osteoblastic ,but suppress osteoclastic, differentiation and activity in vitro. Life Sciences,  2007,81(10):832-840 Jian Huang, Jina-Chao Zhang, Tian-Lan Zhang, Kui Wang. Icariin suppresses bone resorption activity of rabbit osteoclasts in vitro. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2007, 52(7):890-895.

7.       Jian Huang, Tian-Lan Zhang, Shan-jin Xu, Kui Wang, Jing Zhang, Ya-Ning Xie.. Effects of Lanthanum on Composition, Crystal Size and Lattice Structure of Femur Bone Mineral of Wistar Rats. Calcif Tissue Int 2006, 784:241–247