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Chemical Biology

The department of chemical biology, founded in 2000, consists of the former department of inorganic biology and the department of organic biology. In 2003, the pharmaceutical analysis laboratory was merged into the department of chemical biology to form a new department of chemical biology. The current dean is professor li zhongjun, and the deputy director of the department is professor Yang xiaoqian and professor ling xiaomei. The department of chemical biology has a high quality teaching and research team. All existing department staff 37 people, including 1 academician of Chinese academy of sciences, 11 doctoral supervisors, master tutor 12 people, 10 professors, associate professor of 16 people, including 22 has a doctorate in teachers. The department of chemical biology has successively produced a number of outstanding scholars represented by wang kui, CAI mengshen, dong shannian, etc., with high academic attainments.