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Yang Xiaogai


Xiaogai Yang Ph.D., Professor-->

Tel: +86-10-82801539


Address: Department of Chemical Biology, -->School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100191, China



Beijing Medical University                   Chemistry                                                 B.S., 1992

Beijing Medical University                   Inorganic Chemistry                                  M.S., 1995

Peking University                                Medicinal Chemistry                                  Ph.D., 2002

Professional Background

2010-present      Professor, Department of Chemical Biology, Peking University, Beijing

2004-2010         Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Biology, Peking University, Beijing

2004-2005          Visiting scientist, Leiden-Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, Netherland

1998-2004         Assistant professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing

1995-1998      Teaching Assistant, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University, Beijing


Teaching courses: Cellular inorganic chemistry; Bioinorganic chemistry

Research Interests

Current research interests involve the cellular inorganic chemistry and medicinal inorganic chemistry and mainly focus on:(1) Investigating the chemical and biochemical rules governing the cellular responses to metal ion and metal-based compounds;(2) Elucidating the roles of metal-based compounds in various cellular biological processes.

The specific goals in the current projects are

¨ To clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying cell proliferation by lanthanides

¨ Molecular mechanisms of vanadium complexes as antidiabetic and antitumor agents

Honor and Awards

Honors and Awards: 2008 Young Investigator Award (1st group of awards for young investigators in Peking University Health Science Center); 2007, 2003 Teaching Award, Peking University

Representative Publications 

1.       Jin-Xia Li, Li-Juan Fu, Xiao-Gai Yang*Kui Wang, Integrin-mediated signaling contributes to gadolinium-containing particles -promoted cell survival and G1 to S phase cell cycle transition by enhancing focal adhesion formation, J. Biol Inorg Chem, 2011, online.

2.       Tong-Tong Liu, Yan-Jun Liu, Qin Wang, Xiao-Gai Yang*, Kui Wang, Reactive-oxygen-species-mediated Cdc25C degradation results in differential antiproliferative activities of vanadate, tungstate, and molybdate in the PC-3 human prostate cancer cell line, J. Biol Inorg Chem, 2011, online.

3.       Qin Wang, Tong-Tong Liu, Ying Fu, Kui Wang, Xiao-Gai Yang*Vanadium compounds discriminate hepatoma and normal hepatic cells by differential regulation of reactive oxygen speciesJ. Biol Inorg Chem, 2010, 15:1087–1097.

4.       Jin-Xia Li, Jing-Cheng Liu, Kui Wang , Xiao-Gai Yang*Gadolinium-containing bioparticles as an active entity to promote cell cycle progression in mouse embryo fibroblast NIH3T3 cells, J. Biol Inorg Chem, 2010(15):547–557.

5.       Lan Yuan, Ping Du, Kui Wang, Xiao-Gai Yang*Uptake of Diterbium Transferrin, a Potential Multi-photon Excited Microscopy Probe, into Human Leukemia K562 Cells via Transferrin Receptor-mediated ProcessJ. Biol Inorg Chem 2009(14):1243-1251.

6.       Ying Zhang, Li-Juan Fu, Jin-Xia Li, Xiao-Gai Yang*, Xiao-Da Yang, Kui Wang. Gadolinium promoted proliferation and enhanced survival in human cervical carcinoma cellsBiometals, 2009,22(3): 511-519.

7.       Li-Juan Fu, Jin-Xia Li, Xiao-Gai Yang*, Kui Wang*, Gadolinium Promoted Cell Cycle Progression with Enhanced S-phase Entry via Activation of Both ERK and PI3K Signaling Pathways in NIH 3T3 cells, J Biol Inorg Chem 2009,14(2):219-227.

8.       Ying Fu, Qin Wang, Xiao-Gai Yang*, Xiao-Da Yang, Kui Wang., Vanadyl bisacetylacetonate induced G1/S cell cycle arrest via high intensity ERK phosphorylation in HepG2 cells, J Biol Inorg Chem 2008, 13, 1001–1009.

9.       Xiao-Gai Yang, Xiao-Da Yang, Lan Yuan, Kui Wang, DC Crans, The permeability and cytotoxicity of insulin-mimetic vanadium compounds, Pharm. Res. 2004, 21(6), 1026-1033.

10.   Xiaogai Yang, Kui Wang, Jingfen Lu, DC Crans, Membrane transport of vanadium compounds and the interaction with the erythrocyte membrane, Coord. Chem. Rev 2003, 237, 103-111.