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Wang Kui


Kui Wang BSc Professor

Tel: +86-10-82802539


Address: Department of Chemical Biology School of Pharmaceutical SciencesPeking University, Beijing 100191, China



1945-1949 Yenching University, Department of Chemistry, BSc

1949-1952Postgraduate, Department of Chemistry, Yenching University and Peking University

Professional Background

1952-1956  Assistant, , Beijing Medical College

1956-1978  Lecturer, Beijing Medical College

1978-1983 Associate Professor, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

1983-2000 Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University

1983-1988 Dean, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University

2000-   Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University Health Center

1978-1991 Head of Chemistry Division, National Science Foundation of China


Chemical Principles and Inorganic Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Cellular Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interests

He and his colleagues endeavored to bring the bioinorganic chemistry from molecular level to cell level, aiming at the cytochemical basis of biological effects of inorganic substances.  They integrate their studies with biomedical problems and explore the mechanisms of cell response to diverse inorganic species in relation to their pathological/pharmacological effects. Along with the accumulation of results, they developed several novel concepts and methods, which become the foundation of a new discipline---cellular bioinorganic chemistry. Currently, based on the metal-cell interactions, they extend their studies to drug discovery with intervention strategy on metal-involving pathological process.

Honor and Awards

Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences(elected 1991)

Ho Leung Ho Lee Prize(2000)

Awards of Ministry of Education(3) and Chinese Academy of Sciences(1)

Cai Yuanpei Prize(2006)

Representative Publications 

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