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Zhao Ming


Zhao Ming


Research Areas

Chemical Biology

Inorganic Chemistry


Education & Positions

Chemistry Department, Peking University, China, B.Sc., 1983.

Chemistry Department, Peking University, China, M.Sc., 1986.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Beijing Medical University, China, Teaching & research assistant, 1986-1988.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University, China, lecturer, 1988-present.


Research interests

My research interests focus on nanopharmacy. Because the materials containing carbon atoms such as carbon nanotubes, graphenes, and carbon nanohorns have particular interface properties and intereative behaviors with biological macromolecules in cellular organs, the research on this area will be helpful for drug molecule designs, structural pharmacology analysis, and selection of nanodrug carrier.  For recent years, we have investigated the interations of carbon nanohorns with epithelium, hepatic and hepatic tumor cells.

Another my research area is teaching reform on pharmacy. We apply robot in assisting the instruction of teaching experiments of pharmacy.    



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